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Kenzie Anne is a real estate agent who just made a huge sale to Chuck. She wants to reward him and thinks he’s hot so she unbuttons her top and spreads her legs. He’s down so she gets naked and masturbates for him. Chuck begs to eat her pussy after Kenzie gives him a blowjob in pov. Kenzie gets on top and they have pov sex as Chuck can’t get enough of her top notch pussy. Kenzie is so fucking hot!

Angel Young’s landlord has heard a lot of people are going in and out of her apartment and wants to get to the bottom of it. Angel says they are just friends but Chuck isn’t buying it. Angel has to convince him so she takes off her top to reveal her big natural pierced tits. Chuck is stunned but hard so she gives him a pov blowjob and they fuck. Now he knows Angel isn’t an escort!

Alina Lopez has a crush on her landlord and finally lets it be known. She is waiting in lingerie when he comes to check her place. Chuck can’t help but give in and finger her pussy before she gives him a blowjob in pov. Chuck’s big dick is harder than ever as Alina takes it deep on her pussy. What’s the chance you have a hottie like this as a tenant?

Charlotte Sins is invited over by an old college friend Chuck who needs to sell his home. Charlotte is a realtor so she thinks nothing of it. Chuck reveals his lust for her as he dated her college roomie and is now single. Charlotte admits to wanting him and starts stripping. Chuck starts fingering her and eating her out then she pulls out his big hard cock a pov blowjob is dope but pov sex is even better. What a couple of horny people!